How To Stop Buying Clothes That You Never Wear

Having previously been a model you would think I would not be guilty of this fashion crime, but until recently I humbly must admit that I was. I had clothes I had never worn and then could not find anything to wear- so I still kept buying more!

I think part of my need to have loads of clothes that I never wore came about from spending over 10 years as a model, where all my clothes had to fit in one suitcase, with all my finance text books as well, and they were big text books-so there wasn’t much room for my clothes. I can still remember the astonished look on a photographers assistant’s face when she realised how few clothes I had at the height of my fashion career, I can still remember her saying to me “but I even have more clothes than you-and I’m an assistant with no money!”

So anyway I recently came across a stylist who said something to me that made a lot of sense. She said the main reason why people keep buying clothes that they never wear is because, they either buy clothes in colors that don’t suit them or shapes that don’t flatter them. You need to buy shapes that look good on you and in colors that suit you. If it means most of your wardrobe is two colors, that’s fine. There is no need to keep buying the same shape and color outfit. When you do this all your clothes will go with each other. You will be able to buy less and wear more! You actually don’t need a lot of money or clothes to dress well. You just need to have a small amount of clothes in flattering colors and shapes for you.


About Virginia Graham

Virginia Graham manages Model Mortgages, and is a qualified financial planner. She is regularly consulted by the Austereo MMM radio network on interest rates and has appeared on Channel Seven news and current affairs programs as well as more recently the Ch 9 Today show. Virginia previously worked for ANZ Bank’s Treasury department as an interest rate dealer and for stockbroking firm Salomon Smith Barney. She has a bachelor of commerce majoring in finance, banking and business economics. Earlier in her career, Virginia was a fashion model in New York, and has appeared on the cover of several fashion magazines, including Australian Vogue. She wrote a book Flirting With finance and is a regular contributor to Woman’s weekly online and hosted a series of finance videos for the Sydney Morning Herald and the Age.

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  1. Britanica
    December 16, 2016 at 1:23 pm

    I actually started doing something a few years ago. Instead of buying a bunch of different pants or tops, I would find pants I like and one top I like, and just buy them in different colors. I have the same shaped and styled pair of pants in 10 different pairs and the same 3 styles of shirts I like in about 6 different colors. This way I have something I know will always make me look and feel good without any effort. Things I find after this is just a bonus. I still have too much clothing though haha

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